Security patrols around my building have been recently lowered. Due to this I have been thinking of installing a home security system (alarm only not CCTV). Does this need to be approved by the committee? – Matt, QLD

The alarm is likely to be placed on an external wall that is common property. So, to be able to make an improvement to common property, you will need the approval of the committee or the body corporate at a general meeting. They may approve your request if the total cost of improvement is less than $3,000 if the improvement does not detract from the appearance of the property, and if they’re satisfied that the use is not likely to be a breach.

If the committee cannot approve the work, it must be authorised by ordinary resolution at a general meeting. In this case, you will need to comply with any conditions of approval and maintain the improvement thereafter. When you make an improvement to the common property, you must give the body corporate details of the type of work and value of the improvement.

Please note that if the improvement increases the body corporateā€™s insurance premium, you may have to pay the extra. get in touch with your body corporate manager for more details and clarity about your specific requirement and discuss your options.