What is the correct way to vote and get approval for owners who would like to install fencing around individual lots in a townhouse block of 12? – Olivia, NSW

Q: Majority of our owners would like to put up fencing around our individual lots in a townhouse block of 12. What is the correct way to go about votes on the fence and how to get approval for those owners who want a fence to get them installed?

A: Adding or changing common property will need a ‘Special Resolution’ motion proposed in a general meeting. To be approved, no more than 25% of owners eligible to vote at the meeting should be against the motion. The motion should contain the detailed scope of the fence (e.g., colour, materials, height etc.) and location on the strata plan as an annexure to assist with identifying the responsible parties.
Once this is done and quotes have been received, further written approval is required. Another motion should be sent to the Owners Corporation to approve its 50% share of the fence provision or payment from the other party (other lot owners, where applicable).
Alternatively, the delegation of quote approvals can be passed to the Strata Committee, which may make the process smoother and more flexible.
We hope you find this information helpful and good luck with the fence.