I’m very concerned about smoke drift affecting my health. What can I do to stop it? – Gail, QLD

Passive smoking is also a growing health risk and especially harmful in community living as in strata due to the close proximity of living arrangements.

You should note that it is hard to restrict smoking if your neighbours are smoking within the confines of their own property. You may try having an open conversation with your neighbour and explaining your concern. If that doesn’t help, you may take the help of your owners corporation to mediate matters. Your owners corporation can also put up signages to demarcate areas in some parts of the common property away from residential areas.

You could go through your property by-laws regarding smoking on or near common property – they are guidelines to help everyone living in strata to enjoy their property in their own way. If your by-laws aren’t helpful on the matter, you may file a motion to have them amended in your next AGM through special resolution.

For more information, you may red this article on by-laws.