If your end of year is March 31st, and in 2018 your AGM was in May, when should the AGM for 2019 be held. It is now July and no AGM has been scheduled. An email to the strata manager has not answered. – Val, NSW

Hello Val, an AGM must be held once in each financial year. This is normally held within the fist 3 months after the end of the strata plans financial year end.

As in your schemes case in 2018, the financial year end is 31st March, therefore the scheme should hold an AGM by the 31st June. This enables the scheme to budget accordingly, set new levy schedules for the new year and elect a new strata committee.

At times an AGM can run late due to certain circumstances, but the strata manager should be able to provide you with a reason. Try contacting the strata committee and manager again.