If our garage door is common property, who is responsible for the remote? – Ferdinand, NSW

Our garage door seems to be part of common property. What is the status of the remote control and the electric motor inside the garage if the door needs replacing?

– Ferdinand, NSW

Since doors and windows are ideally part of the structure of the property, your owners corporate is responsible for overseeing its maintenance. According to NSW Fair Trading, the garage door is part of the common property and thus its maintenance and repair is the responsibility of the owners corporation.

However, the remote control may be the individual owner’s responsibility since it requires exclusive use. You should refer to your by-laws and contact your strata manager or committee if you have questions specific to your strata property.

Also, if you are looking to install any garage equipment on common property such as the walls, doors, floors or ceiling you should first check with your owners corporation and take the necessary approvals. You may be allowed to make renovations and installations, but their upkeep and maintenance may also be your responsibility – so make sure to clarify these details with your owners corporation or committee.

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