If my tenants refuse to pay rent, how can I pay the strata fees? – Jane, NSW

Q: I have been stood down unpaid due to COVID-19. I am a property owner & my apartment is tenanted, I am also a renter elsewhere, I am currently paying full rent until it becomes impossible but if my tenants refuse to do so how can I pay the strata fees?

I am in a critical financial situation, anything can tip the balance into negative for me with disastrous effects. I am happy to pay the strata fees and rates as long as I can but it may become impossible if the tenants don’t pay rent to me. I am already deferring my mortgage as I can’t pay it at great cost of extra interest down the line to me. Thank you.

A: We’d encourage you to have a conversation with the committee member or your strata manager if you are struggling to pay your levies on time. It’s best to be proactive when it comes to your finances and payments, and talk to the relevant people before receiving reminder notices. At the discretion and approval of the committee, alternative options may be available on a case-by-case basis, such as a payment plan.