If a car is illegally parked on common property, can the owners corporation have it towed? – Lily, NSW

Your owners corporation cannot get the vehicle towed, but here is what they can do:

  • They may move it to another more suitable location on the common property
  • Before doing so, they must inform the vehicle owner/driver of their intention to move the vehicle at least 24 hours in advance
  • They should inform the driver / owner of their of the vehicle by putting up a legible, A4 sized notice on a visible part of the vehicle
  • While moving the vehicle, they should take care not damage the vehicle in any way
  • They can apply to get the costs of moving the car recovered from the NCAT
  • They can put up legible signages around the area to specify parking rules and limitations (if parking is allowed, how long it can be parked, on what times and days of the week and so on)

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