I have three questions regarding building works, white ant inspections and visitors car parking. Can you help? – June, QLD

Q: 1. If workmen were working on the outside of my building/my unit, should I be notified? 2. If the body corporate asked the caretakers to organise an internal white ant inspection to my unit, as it was missed when other units were all done, and where other properties were found to have old damage and treatments were not kept up to date, should that inspection be done by a licensed professional pest inspector or could a tradesman builder be sent to look with no tools only a screwdriver? 3. Should there be a visitors car park provided in a block of 29 units?

With regards to your first question, if the workmen working on the outside of your building are working on common property, then notice is not required, as the body corporate is responsible for maintaining common property in a good and structurally sound condition. However, if the work is being carried out within a private property or exclusive use area, the body corporate must give written notice at least seven days before entry.

In regards to the white ant inspection, the caretaker or service contractor must exercise reasonable skill, care and diligence in performing the person’s functions. It is always advisable to have the inspection carried out by a licensed professional pest inspector. We recommend you seek the assistance of your body corporate to clarify the caretaker or service contractor’s engagement.

With respect to visitor parking requirements, the Community Management Statement (CMS) recorded for the body corporate generally includes a by-law that regulates the designation of parking of vehicles on common property for a complex. If you have not been provided with a copy of this document, we would suggest you approach the body corporate manager for a copy.

If your by-laws are inadequate on the matter, you may file a motion in your next general meeting to have them amended at your next annual general meeting (AGM) through a special resolution vote.

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