I have now been told that I can not be on the shared facilities despite being given proxy. Is this correct? – Gayle, QLD

Q: I am the Chairperson of our Body Corporate, just new to this position, and I am a committee member on shared facilities. I live with my Uncle in a unit complex in Queensland, which he is the Owner of. I have lived in the unit now for 11 years. I have now been told that I can not be on the shared facilities because I am not an owner, even though my Uncle who is suffering with chronic degenerative heart failure has given me his proxy. Is this one particular committee member correct in saying this.
Regards Gayle



“This is a complex situation; in Queensland, you are eligible to be nominated as a committee member if you are a family member of the lot owner. Being family of an individual means the following persons—
(a) the individual’s spouse;
(b) each of the children of the individual or the individual’s spouse who is 18 years or more, including a step-child or an adopted child;
(c) each of the individual’s parents, including a step-parent;
(d) a brother or sister of the individual.

If the property is owned under a company name or superannuation, if the scheme you own in has a principal scheme, the subsidiary scheme appoints a committee member to represent that subsidary scheme when making decisions.”