I have a very plain to see trip hazard in my courtyard with concrete pavers. What action can I take against the Committee? – Ernest, NSW

Q: I have a very plain-to-see trip hazard in my courtyard, with concrete pavers about 20cms by 10cms. I am not very popular with the strata committee. What action can I take against the committee? They have ignored my request to rectify. If  I send a request to the Strata Manager, what are my rights if I get the same result? 

A: You will need to review the strata plan and by-laws to see if the courtyard pavers are your responsibility or that of the owners corporation.

If the trip hazard is part of common property, it is the owners corporation’s responsibility to have it fixed. If left unattended, it could result in a resident or visitor injuring themselves, which may lead to injury claims.

You may wish to put in a motion for the next general meeting by contacting your committee’s secretary.

It is important to fix safety hazards on common property. It provides a safer environment for residents and visitors alike and enhances community living.