I have a query about water damage. Lets say something fails in a unit, such as a hot water system, dishwasher or an aquarium. There is damage in that unit, the unit below and common property. Who pays? Does the unit owner or resident pay via contents insurance or does strata through their insurance? – Tony, NSW

Hello Tony, responsibility will depend on the damage to the units and common property. Accidents happen from time to time, and if common property has been damaged, such as ceilings, original flooring (not carpet) walls etc, this will be the Owners Corporations responsibility to repair. Depending on the cost to repair the damage, they may not chose to claim from insurance, as excess may outweigh the cost. However, this will be repaired by the Owners Corporation. The owners of each unit will have to claim from their individual insurance for damage to carpets, household items and anything that is not classified as common property.