How to lodge a complaint against a strata manager for carrying out installation work on the property without owners corporation approval or due procedure? – Colin, NSW

How do I officially lodge a complaint about a strata manager who has approved payment (expenditure), for a large and expensive installation for power and lighting for the sum of $12,000 to a four bay carport? This project was not pre-approved by strata, no AGM and no Extraordinary Meeting was held before one of the owners of Strata Corporation instructed a contractor to commence the above mentioned works. I believe the post approval for this project was highly questionable and improper procedurally. 

Is there any recourse to return the $12,000 back to the Sinking Fund, this money was not even being used to carry out building upkeep or maintenance. I have major concerns about the approval process and the lack of any consultation. I have no trust in the way this problem was handled.

– Colin, NSW

You may wish to speak with the manager or Licensee-in-Charge of the company or send them a written complaint. The government department that licenses managers is Fair Trading and you can also register a complaint with them.

The return of funds is hard for us to comment on without the full history of how decisions have been made and what authorities the manager might have. Contacting the company is the best first port of call.