How do we decide between two people who both want to be chairman of the body corporate? – Alan, NSW

We are about to go alone and start our own body corporate. We have a Treasurer and a Secretary we have 3 owners that live on site and the other 3 owners lease out their properties. One of the owners that lives 150 km away wanting to be the Chairman. We think the 3rd owner that lives here should be the Chairman, what way should we go?

– Alan, NSW

Best practice is to hold a meeting where all owners are notified of the committee positions available. Nominations can be submitted at the meeting or prior to the meeting, but the owner being nominated needs to accept the nomination. Once you have voted on a committee, a second vote can be taken to select a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

This is done by majority vote in favour of a specific candidate. Transparency is key for all owners to accept the candidates on the committee, best of luck!