How can we ensure our committee and strata manager manage the strata property in a compliant manner? – Frank, NSW

I’m a 3 year Owner and resident of a 15 year old, small (6 stand alone units) strata scheme, with a strata committee (3 long term resident-owners) who have repeatedly declared their determination to manage on a “casual” basis (ie – by non-compliant means). The strata managing agency (long term) supports the strata committee, in spite of the wilful non-compliance. My repeated attempts to engage Committee members in discussions about their legislated obligations have been ignored.

Given that I have been unable to generate any support from the other two non-committee Owners, and, short of seeking to initiate NSW Fair Trading or NCAT involvement, is there any other action available to me that might require our Committee manage compliantly?

– Frank, NSW

Any owner can request a motion be put on the agenda for the next general meeting (clause 4 of schedule 1). You can also formally write to the licensee in charge of the strata management company outlining your concerns about the strata manager including any concerns you have about the way they are advising (or not advising) the committee in their obligations.

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