Does a roof replacement in a strata building classify as a major renovation? What kind of approval does it need to obtain? – Ariel, NSW

Q: Does a roof replacement (not repair) in a six townhouses strata building be classified as a major renovation?

If it does then what kind of approval does it need to obtain?

Updated A: If it is the owners corporation replacing the roof, the most applicable section would be Section 106 which states the owners corporation have an obligation to repair and maintain.

If an individual owner wants to make changes (for example: installing a skylight) then the most applicable section would be Section 108.

A: Yes, the replacement of a roof does classify as a major renovation. Major renovations include works that will require structural changes, waterproofing, altering the outside appearance of the property, and works that require approvals under other laws, such as council approval.

The work should be requested by the property’s committee and arranged through your strata manager at a meeting. On the basis the work is being done by the owners corporation is it section 108 that is relevant, so a special resolution will be required at a general meeting.

Ideally your strata manager will have an expert inspect the roof and determine the scope of work required, as well as sending out a tender to select the best people possible for the job. The strata manager can also determine if there are enough funds to support the replacement, and seek all necessary approvals (i.e. council approval) if required. Following these approval processes and raising of funds the work may commence.