Do we need to seek approval to install a doggy door for our dog to access outside? – Hayley, NSW

Q: Hi, we recently purchased into a strata lot. We have approval to keep our dog in the property, do we need to seek approval to install a doggy door for her to access outside? We’d like to replace the glass panel on the door to one with an inbuilt dog door. The door cannot be seen by other owners or from common property.

A: It may be best to talk to your strata manager, or check your strata plan. This allows you to see if the door is part of your lot, or if it is common property which will determine what can and cannot be done.

Either way, it may be considered a minor renovation which will require a by-law to be registered allowing you to make the change to your door. Please note that usually when renovations stray from the lots original design, it will be the owners responsibility to pay for future maintenance and repair for the parts changed.

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