Do I need strata approval to build deck in my backyard? Mark, NSW

Do I need strata approval to move my air conditioning unit? Do I need strata approval to build a 250mm high deck in my garden within my air space? Mark, NSW

You will need strata approval to build a deck or move your air conditioning unit.

The reason being that any works that fall outside of your lot’s boundary require the approval of your strata committee.

In NSW, the best way to find out what is and isn’t in your title, is to check the strata plan, available for purchase through the NSW Land Registry Services website.

However be aware that even if your garden is determined to fall within your lot, the law states that any renovations/additions that change the external appearance of your lot require strata approval.

That will mean that even something as simple as moving your air conditioning unit will also have to be approved by your committee – as it changes the external appearance of the lot.

You can of course submit a proposal to the strata committee but their consent must be obtained before commencing any work.

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