Is it okay for tenants to use common area as shoe storage – Matt, NSW

Q: We have recently had new tenants move into the unit above us, and they are using the stairwell/landing outside their front door as a shoe storage area, with around 15 pairs of shoes there.

While they are on the top floor, and not in the way of anyone (besides tradesmen), there is a strong smell noticeable in the stairwell recently. This may well be from two pairs of dirty football boots left there.

My questions is, is it ok for the tenants to use this common area as shoe storage?


A: As stairwells and landings are considered common property, no individual lot owner or resident should be leaving personal belongings there, particularly if it results in an unpleasant experience for others living in a building or causes a fire safety risk. We would recommend speaking to your strata manager, who may be able to speak to the tenant and ask them to rectify this problem.