Can you explain in broad terms what common property actually is? – Peter, NSW

Common property is generally external to your lot (i.e. not inside your apartment) and a shared space with your neighbours/other owners and tenants living in the strata property.

It will be unique to each property, and can include lobbies, gardens, pools, gyms, lifts, car parks, doors, walls, ceilings, and floors, carpets, common area d├ęcor and appliances (e.g. art, pot plants, or communal washing machines), machinery and motors, air conditioning and heating ducts, and keys and locks. However, there are exceptions where common property can be within your lot. For example, shared walls or permanent appliances inside your apartment that cannot be moved – these might be common property. Anything like this will be specifically laid out in your by-laws, potentially with stipulations around who is responsible for them.