Can window tinting be refused by strata committee? – Harry, NSW

Can window tinting be refused by the strata committee? Apart from health issues where our bedrooms are reaching temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius, there is the question of excessive use of air conditioning and energy wastage. What are my options?

– Harry, NSW

Any changes or renovations to the common property that affects or changes the appearance of the lot is under the purview of the owners corporation and needs to be duly approved by them.

Usually windows form part of the common property. Also, tinting any windows that may face the outside of the building could change the external appearance of the property. So your committee reserves the right to refuse the change if the owners corporation has taken that decision.

You may wish to file a motion on the agenda and submit it with your secretary so that the matter may be included for discussion in the next general meeting where your owners corporation may weigh the pros and cons on tinting windows and how that may affect your strata property. If majority of the owners vote in favour of the motion, you may get the approvals for renovation.

Please take care not to make any renovations without getting due approvals from your committee as it may mean having to reverse any changes you may have made and that may be heavy on your pocket.

You may find more information is this article on the different type of strata renovations permitted in NSW.