Can the role of chairperson and treasurer be held by the same person? Liam, NSW

There are three office bearing roles on a strata committee chairperson, secretary and treasurer. These roles can all be held by the same person or can be held by three different individuals.

In New South Wales and Queensland, it is compulsory for all strata properties to have a committee.

In Victoria, an owners corporation with 13 or less lots is not obligated to elect a committee, only a chairperson. Strata properties with more than 13 lots must elect a committee. PICA Group highly recommends all strata properties elect a committee.

The chairperson ensures the smooth running of meetings and determines issues relating to voting and procedures. The secretary calls and advises owners of upcoming meetings, prepares and distributes the minutes, maintains the attendance lists and attends to administrative tasks. The treasurer prepares budgets, manages funds and send levy/fee notices to owners and also ensures the financial health of the property by providing annual reports of income and expenses to owners. These positions can be held by property owners or can be delegated to the strata manager.