Can one owner hold the position of: Chairwoman,Secretary and Treasurer? – NSW, Beatriz

Q: Can one owner hold the position of: Chairwoman,Secretary and Treasurer?
Is that legally acceptable in the Strata Committee?
Apparently, this is how it has been in a complex of 10 villas.
Please explain why or how is this possible.

A: The office bearers on the strata committee are appointed to delegate specific functions within the committee. These roles, including the chairperson, secretary, and treasurer, each have their own responsibilities.
It’s important to note that the office bearers do not hold a hierarchy over other committee members. Additionally, there is flexibility regarding how many roles a person can have. The legislation allows multiple positions to be held by a single committee member. This can benefit committees with fewer than three members or individuals who are familiar with the processes and willing to take on additional duties.
Here’s a breakdown of the different roles:
• Chairperson: The chairperson presides over meetings, ensures proper conduct, and represents the strata committee in relevant matters.
• Secretary: The secretary is responsible for managing administrative tasks, maintaining records, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.
• Treasurer: The treasurer oversees financial matters, including budgeting, financial reporting, and managing funds.
While it is common for a strata managing agent to be delegated the functions of the office bearers, it’s important to note that they do not replace the need for committee members. Therefore, appointing committee members to these roles is still required.
If you or any other committee members are interested in being considered for these positions, you should nominate yourself at the strata committee meeting. This allows the committee to consider which members would best suit the roles and elect them accordingly.