Can neighbours hose down their veranda where it flows down to yours? – Val, NSW

While every owner has the right to enjoy their strata property in their own way, it is important to be sensitive to the rights of other owners and residents as well.

You may do the following to address the concern:

  1. Speak with your neighbour: Having an honest conversation with your neighbours about how the water running off their balcony is impacting you could be the first step – sometimes that alone can do the job.
  2. Check your by-laws: Your strata by-laws may have more information on the key aspects of community living pertaining to your property, so you and your neighbour can get on the same page about the issue. If your by-laws are unclear on certain matters that affect everyday strata living, you can discuss with your committee about having the by-laws amended in your next annual general meeting (AGM). This article can help you get more details on the importance of following by-laws.
  3. Seek mediation: Your strata manager or committee can also mediate on your behalf and discuss other alternatives with your neighbour.

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