Can I get reimbursed by the owners corporation for getting my balcony entrance door fixed at my end? – Sybille, NSW

I had problems opening the balcony door, so I had to get a repairman and paid 100 AUD to get it fixed. Is there a chance to get the money back from the owners corporation as it is with the entrance door?

– Sybille, NSW

With regard to balcony door repairs, who should cover the costs of fixes will depends on when the strata plan was registered.

So the first step is to get in touch with the strata manager to find out when the strata plan was registered. That will determine if its owners corporation’s or lot owner’s responsibility to take care of repairs, cover costs and oversee maintenance.

That said, it is always advisable to check with the strata manager and take approvals if necessary before doing any repairs on your property. If its common property, its likely to be the responsibility of the owners corporation. Doing so before you get the fixes done by yourself can save you a lot of worry and unnecessary costs.

If you think it could be an emergency situation, make sure to consult your strata manager and building manager immediately and ensure you keep records of communication for clarity and future reference.

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