Can any owner send an agenda item for discussion and a decision at an AGM? The Strata committee for my block has refused a request together with a quote for an enhancement to the block which most owners tell me they would like. Now it seems the only option left open to these owners is to see if the majority of owners do in fact support this enhancement by a vote on the item at the next AGM. – Nicki, NSW

Yes, an owner or person entitled to vote in the general meeting of an owners corporation can set an agenda for discussion.

According to the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (Schedule 1, section 23-4) which outlines the meeting procedures of owners corporations, there needs to be what is called an ‘Inclusion of matters’ in an agenda.

This means you need to include a motion in the agenda of the next general meeting and provide a written notice to the secretary of the owners corporation, sharing the names of persons filing the motion, and explain the details about the matter. These details are required for any decision to be made regarding enhancement of common properties. Perhaps a maintenance contract needs to be renewed or items in the contract need to be amended. So you should make sure to include these requirements for the next AGM.