Can a strata committee change common property without approval? – Joan, NSW

The committee has changed common property without owners corporation approval. They have put up a sign on common property without calling a general meeting to consult and get approval from all owners. They have also installed car spaces on the driveway on common property. I do not use the car spaces at all as I put my car in my double garage. I also did not get the opportunity to vote either way on the car spaces or on the sign that the committee put up. How can I get my proportion of the costs towards these back. Please let me know.

– Joan, NSW

Under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 in NSW, your strata committee cannot make additions or changes to common property without owners corporation approval. This needs to be done by passing a special resolution at a general meeting and through majority owners vote.

As for the recovery of your costs for these works, we recommend you try to resolve the issue with your committee first. If that doesn’t help, you may then seek a free mediation service from Fair Trading to achieve a resolution.

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