How long does it take to change bylaws? – Donna, NSW

Q: How long does it take to change bylaws with land register general, if committee had meeting an approved the change on 30/9/2022?


A: Please be mindful that any change or new bylaws need to be approved in a general meeting involving all owners. It appears in your enquiry that the committee had the meeting solely.

Assuming this was in error and the motion was presented to all owners in a general meeting, please note that as multiple parties are involved in the process, this can be dependent on various factors.

Once the minutes have been created (by the strata manager/secretary), and provided with a copy of the full set of the existing bylaws and work order to the solicitor, it is then submitted to LRS for processing. A realistic timeframe would be 4 weeks turnaround.

The owners corporation has up to 6 months from date of meeting to have the bylaw registered.