How can body corporates stop Airbnb or short term rentals in Queensland? Glen, QLD

In Queensland, body corporates cannot stop or restrict short-term rentals. While the body corporate oversees and maintains the common property and parts of a lot, it will not be able to dictate how owners choose to let out their buildings in the short term.

Short term-letting such as Airbnb and HomeAway rentals impact tourism in a positive manner, so state governments have somewhat relaxed laws around them. This is supported by the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 Subsection 180(3) which states that if a lot may be used for residential purposes, the by-laws cannot restrict the type of residential use to which it is put.

Body corporates cannot do much to enforce restrictions, but it depends on the planning consent. Body corporates can set guidelines to protect the common property and encourage property owners to mutually agree on their maintenance and peace-keeping so that their short-term letting activities do not cause a problem for their neighbours.