I’ve re-located to Queensland and body corporate is preventing me from keeping pets. Can I change this? – Karen, QLD

Although the state laws allow pets, the body corporate may have special rules or by-laws regarding pet ownership and care. The first step is review the property by-laws to determine if keeping pets is allowed.

There are many different types of by-laws relating to animals, and the wording of your property’s by-laws will determine your rights and responsibilities about keeping animals there.

Since every property has different specifications to suit the property type, their residents and owners, you can also get in touch with your body corporate manager if you have specific questions.

If you feel the by-laws are unreasonably prohibitive about pet ownership, you could speak with your body corporate and file a motion in a general meeting to change the by-law through special resolution. You may refer to the Queensland Government website for more information about pet by-laws.

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