I have asked our manager BCS three times for a response without reply. – Keith, QLD

Q: I have asked our manager three times for a response without a reply. 13 units on 3 floors on Sunshine Coast.

  1. The ground floor units have small plunge pools on individual unit titles. The original brick wall around one, which attaches to the building is cracked. Who fixes it
  2. Cracks in original plaster living room ceiling on the top floor. Could be poorly built or due to building movement. Owner or body corp?
  3. Repairs to the unit below from a kitchen sink leak in the unit above. Owner of the unit with unfixed leak responsible or body corp?


A: If you have access to your building format plan, you may be able to clarify which areas are considered common property (which will be body corporate responsibility) and which areas are lots (owner responsibility).

This will help you identify the responsible party when it comes to repairs, maintenance and payments.

Generally speaking, areas that are shared and provide benefit for all lot owners/occupiers is considered common property and therefore fall into the body corporate’s responsibility.

In cases where water leaks cause damage to units, the source of the water leak will need to be identified. If the water leaks are happening in an owner’s lot, it will be their responsibility to fix their leak and pay for damages it has caused to other lots.

Identifying the source of leaks can be tricky, so it’s recommended that you carefully navigate the issue with your body corporate committee, manager, and certified repairers/inspectors.