The Owners Corporation have passed a water leak investigation bill to me, including unnecessary items. What rights do I have? – Robert, VIC

Q: The Owners Corporation have pass a water leak investigation bill amount to $1600 to me. When I sought clarification and itemised of the bill, as there are questionable items that are unnecessary. They refused to break down and request me to pay immediately.

What rights do I have of a bill enforced on me to pay?

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A: There are several additional items of information required to be able to answer this question fully. Some areas of investigation to consider are:

• What resolutions has the Owners Corporation passed in respect of passing on costs
• What agreement/s were made verbally or in writing when the investigation was agreed
• What was the issue, and who caused the fault

As a general rule of thumb, it is customary that a responsible party will pay their costs for the investigation if they are accountable for resolving the issue. It may be worth seeking legal advice on any dispute resolution before proceeding.