What are the regulations for noise control in strata properties and who should pay for a noise assessment report? – Vincent, NSW

The neighbour complained my bathroom fan is noisy in the strata building. What are the regulations for noise control in strata? For e. g. how many dB is the acceptable level by law? Who should pay for the costs if this is required a professional noise report?

– Vincent, NSW

It is a tricky issue since it depends on a lot of factors – if it has started making a noise recently or has it been doing so for a long time. If it’s a one-off issue, your strata manager can help mediate it with your neighbour to come to a mutually satisfactory outcome.

Alternatively, you could bring in a third party for an unbiased assessment of the noise situation. You can also check with the local council about permissible noise levels and noise control measures.

Usually, it would be the owner’s responsibility to take care of any fixes (and related costs) to any fixtures and utility infrastructures that are inside the owner’s property, and if they’re not a part of the shared or common property infrastructure. However, to be sure of what course of action is best suited to your case, you can connect with your strata manager and get familiar with your property’s by-laws and building rules.