Balcony handrails are rusting and need urgent repair. Does this mean the complete handrail has to be replaced rather than be repaired? – Greg, NSW

Q: Balcony handrail repairs to a building built in 1963, the steel handrails are rusting & need urgent repair, does this mean the complete balcony handrail has the be replaced rather than be repaired to bring it up to compliance with new standards?

A: It is recommended that the complete balcony handrail is replaced, rather than a repair, given the age of the handrails. This matter, however, will most likely need to be a matter that is brought up in either your next AGM, or EGM and voted on by your owners corporation.

Contact your strata committee’s secretary to have the issue brought up as a motion in your next meeting, and emphasise the importance of building compliance, as well as owner/occupier’s health and safety.