Are you aware if the NSW Government has plans to enforce that older Strata buildings, such as the three storey walk up apartment buildings, to install fire safety equipment? Obviously this would be a big expense for many strata plans. – Margaret, NSW

Hi Margaret, your concern about the cost to install fire equipment at the strata plan is understandable. However, the cost of loss of life far outweighs the cost of installing precautionary fire measures. Being an older plan, there is even more risk of fire and therefore, it is the owners corporations duty to keep residents safe. Councils are slowly but surely cracking down on fire safety measures in apartment buildings. It is a costly exercise but a necessary one, no matter what type or age of the building. As the legislation has not changed as yet, we suggest you start installing fire safety measures on the common property like smoke detectors, emergency lights and signs and extinguishers, get a fire contractor in to do annual inspection. Then budget and build up what is necessary for compliance.