Are balconies common property in Queensland? – Peter, QLD

Q: Are balconies common property in Queensland?

A: It would be best to check your by-laws and building plan. These documents should provide a clear breakdown of which areas belong to lot owners and must therefore be maintained by owners, and which aren’t.

As a general rule however, there are parts of the balcony that are usually owned by the lot owner and parts that are considered common property, and therefore body corporate responsibility.

The balustrade or exterior boundary of the building is usually common property – with the exception of balconies that face exclusive areas that belong to the owner, in which case the balustrade will be considered owners property and responsibility.

Areas like your balcony tiles are considered part of your lot and therefore your responsibility. The waterproof material under your tiles and the concrete slab on which the balcony sits however, is once again body corporate responsibility.