My apartment gets flooded when my elderly neighbour upstairs forgets to turn off the tap in her apartment. How can I help her get care so this doesn’t happen? – Trevor, QLD

I have twice had a flood from the unit above where the elderly in residence has left a tap running with the plug in the basin causing water to enter my apartment. The water came through the pantry and the ovens at 5 pm. Fortunately these were not on otherwise a fire would be likely. The other instance all the doors in her apartment were left open and she left the air conditioner going causing overheating and flooding my bedroom which had new carpet just laid. 9 hours of mopping up and with 2 in the last 6 months enough is enough. A carer is needed. What do I do?

– Trevor, QLD


You may wish to speak with your neighbour or their family and find out if they can get help and care. However, in this instance, the body corporate would not be directly involved with the owner’s care or living arrangement. If an insurance claim was necessary from any damage caused, then your body corporate may assist in this area.