Our administrative fund for our set of units is in negative figures and I’m unable to reach the body corporate manager for clarity. What should I do? – Kim, QLD

The administrative fund for our set of units is in negative figures. I have rung the body corporate managers a number of times to ask why this is the case and have not been able to speak to the person involved. I am continually told that they will ring me back or that they are on another call or in a meeting. This has gone on for a number of weeks. What can I do when I can’t even talk to the person involved. It seems like they are dodging the issue?

– Kim, QLD

The administrative fund budget must estimate the necessary and reasonable expenditure for the financial year for:
• maintaining common property and body corporate assets
• insurance charges
• other costs incurred each year or more frequently (called recurrent expenditure, e.g. body corporate management fees, electricity, etc.)

As the cost of goods and services often increase from year to year, the body corporate levies will also normally increase to account for rises in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). All bodies corporate are different so levels of spending (and levies) needed must be decided individually.

In this instance, you may wish to escalate your query to the Branch Manager. It would be best to be put your concern in writing and include any email communication your may have had. That way, the matter can be reviewed in its entirety and responded to as soon as possible.