A neighbour has been consistently a pain, disruption, serious menace and legally a public nuisance, etc. Any support or help at all? – Tanya, NSW

Q: I wish to enquire and PRAY for some form of resolution (miracle) regarding a neighbour who has been consistently a pain, disruption, serious menace and legally a public nuisance, etc.

This elderly woman has a bad history of complaints. She is a very mean woman who used to throw bricks at the children next door. She is also EXTREMELY racist! Auburn Police have so many reports of her being extremely violent and drunk, that should they receive one more call about her, they will be charging her with being a public nuisance. The former local MP, Barbara Perry, also had this woman banned from contacting her as she was deemed to be a serious pain. If need be, I can easily provide you with the Police reports as they are fed up as well.

It is clearly not fair that the rest of us suffer.I am just trying to get some things done through strata that are for the benefit of everyone and not just for her. She has been getting everything she wanted done for herself, with the rest of the owners paying for it. I have been standing up on my own for 10 years now, however not one other person will support me. They end up selling and leaving. I don’t have that option so I am BEGGING other owners for more support.

Today, my mum attended to my place with a contractor and the both of them were abused by this woman before they even to my door.

We have had two strata managers care for the property who have resigned due to her behaviour. I have been advised today that the current strata manager, who is the third person to care for our area, is also ready to resign.

She has been admitted to hospital so many times from falling due to alcoholism, however she wont admit to that. Her son has been informed so many times to care for her, but he refuses, so we end up copping all of it.

On behalf of Premier Strata Management and all owners of 10-12 Edwin Street, Regents Park, I am BEGGING for any support or help at all!

We cannot keep doing this.

A: If you feel threatened or harrassed by your neighbour’s behaviour, you should call police and alert them of the situation. This also ensures that there is a record of the neighbour’s behaviour.

You may also wish to refer to Community Justice Centres for further help: https://www.cjc.justice.nsw.gov.au/