1. My neighbour attacks any visitor to my place verbally when they park in designated visitor parking. What can I do to stop her? 2. I was told by fair trading that as my bathroom is the original bathroom when I renovate that body corporate is responsible for the floor tiles and waterproofing. Tiles are cracked and damaged all over the floor. My body corporate says no. What is the truth please? – Carol, NSW

Hi Carol,

1. We would normally recommend you chat to your neighbour about their behaviour. However, considering the circumstances, you will need to report the verbal abuse you’re experiencing to your strata committee and/ or strata manager. Your visitors have a right to park in the allocated spot, and should not be abused by any resident. This may be a by-law breach, depending on the by-laws of the scheme.

2. Responsibility of replacing the tiles will depend on the current by-laws in place at the scheme, as well as how damage to the tiles has occurred. If you simply want to renovate for aesthetic purposes, then this will be the owners responsibility and will require a by-law. You will also then be responsible for the continuous repair and maintenance of this area.