Building rules/by-laws

Can owners use their apartments for Airbnb-type rentals? – Shirley, QLD

Yes, if you are the apartment owner, you can let it out for Airbnb. Queensland’s laws allow for Airbnb-type short-term rentals. …

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I own my villa which is under the strata scheme. My question is can I use my home for Airbnb while I’m living in it? – Trevor, NSW

Yes, you can use your villa for short-term letting purposes. However, since your villa is under a strata scheme, you need …

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Whom do I need to notify if I want to commence short-term leases on my 2 bedroom apartment? – Janita, NSW

You are free to do so if you own the property, as long as you’re following your property by-laws and┬áplanning regulations …

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