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Media releases & articles

  • Water damage in strata: who pays?
    Water damage in strata: who pays?  Strata buildings are complex structures. Water pipes, wiring, and ducts are all hidden in walls, floors, and roof spaces to make the property as ... read more
    PICA Media Releases21 January 2020
  • Is small city living in Australia for you?
    Life in smaller cities like Newcastle, Cairns, or Hobart is undeniably attractive for many Australians. In a country where an apartment in the middle of Sydney can cost in excess ... read more
    PICA Media Releases20 January 2020
  • Strata buildings and bushfires: how to stay safe
    The bushfires across Australia continue to rage and more than 2000 houses have been destroyed. Most strata properties are in urban centres like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, but we can’t ... read more
    PICA Media Releases16 January 2020

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